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A Passion for Organic Loose Leaf Teas

Loose Leaf Tea Online has the humble beginning of being founded by a woman named Angel Chou.

Loose Leaf Tea Founder

Angel Chou started off working as a Financial Specialist working at large financial institutions in San Francisco, but she has always been passionate about good quality loose leaf teas. One day, she realized that the tea she was avidly drinking lost some natural aroma¬†and added a blend of artificial flavor. Upon research, she realized that the tea company has shifted farms into a cheaper territory that is less strict on organic farming techniques. She was shocked and felt uncomfortable drinking tea that not only didn’t taste as good, but could negatively impact her health.

She then spent a long time researching on actual good tea farms that are exceptionally high quality, as well as organic from beginning to end. Being a native from Taiwan, Angel finally found the champion tea that won 1st Place in many tea competitions. She tried their High Mountain Oolong Tea, and it was the best she has ever had. Unfortunately, these farmers did not know English well, and that brand of tea was unavailable to anywhere outside of Taiwan.

When she brought the tea back to San Francisco, her coworkers would smell the aroma and ask her about it. She would give them some, and they were all amazed. They nicknamed it “Heavenly Tea” and asked if they could order it from her.

Since then, Angel has become a passionate virtuoso and evangelist of the Heavenly Mountain Oolong Tea that comes straight from Taiwanese farms.

Loose Leaf Tea Creator 2

We hope you enjoy her passion as much as she does!

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